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How to lace up your dress shoes. (Surely you’re not doing it right)

2022-10-17T16:10:15+02:00Cuidado del calzado|

In this post, video included, we show you how to lace up your dress shoes correctly. Something that, although could seem simple, will affect comfort and also shoes durability. Doing properly denotes that we pay attention to details. And these small gestures are what make the difference and turns you into a true cool [...]

Sneakers abuse is bad for your feet… and also for your style.


Sneakers, sports shoes or whatever you want to call them, they are omnipresent wherever you go. You just have to hang around and look at feet of passersby to confirm it. Young people, and not as old, wear them thinking they look great and super stylish, at best, combining them with expensive signature garments [...]

Do you know what a wholecut shoe is?

2022-02-04T16:19:19+02:00Cuidado del calzado, Shoe Advisor|

Recognizable due to their sleek and polish look, wholecut shoes spread pure elegance through their clean lines and perfect surface. Basically, they’re oxfords made from one single piece of leather, because they have a closed-throat lacing system too. Most dress shoes have multiple pieces sewn together. In wholecut shoes, there are no added pieces – no vamps or [...]

The difference between Oxford and Derby shoes

2022-10-26T16:07:24+02:00Cuidado del calzado, Shoe Advisor|

The eternal question: How are Oxford shoes different to Derby shoes? Despite their being terms which are used frequently, in general few people know the answer. In our shop in Mallorca we have heard everything: that the Oxfords are just Brogues, or that Derby shoes - or Bluchers – are made with a simpler construction. Others, simplifying, call all handmade shoes [...]

Benedict Cumberbatch, a style icon who dressed from his feet up


Getting into the skin of the well-known sleuth Sherlock Holmes on the TV screen brought world fame to Benedict Cumberbatch, but he’s also known for something more than his great work as an actor. And it’s not just that he has appeared in so many films that have been bringing in favourable comments over the [...]

Let’s talk about a British icon, Harris Tweed


Monge shoes are not only created from leather. As well as the best of this material, crafted by the expertise of our artisans on the island of Mallorca, there are fabrics ideal for making the highest quality footwear, such as manufacturing boots with the original Harris Tweed, shipped in from legendary Scottish islands. Would you [...]

It’s Christmas time. Let’s choose the perfect look for every ocassion


La Navidad está a las puertas, ya empiezan a celebrarse las cenas de empresa y se acercan las tradicionales cenas y comidas familiares. Y siempre surgen las mismas preguntas, ¿qué me pongo? ¿Qué look será adecuado?

Look great with Colin Firth’s style in “A Single Man”


Fashion does not only live only through icons. When it comes to style we also pay attention to film stars, who can be inspirational. This is the case of George, the character interpreted by Colin Firth in “A single man”, a film in which special care is taken in the choice of shoes. The first [...]

Five trends to combine with your Monge shoes in autumn


This year autumn made itself felt in our lives suddenly a few days ago and now you find yourself taking your coats and warm jackets out from the wardrobe. The latest trends for the new season are a must-go with a pair of Monge shoes: they are perfect. Let’s take a look. It seemed autumn [...]

The best of Mallorca’s Artisanal craftsmanship on your feet

2017-05-04T11:03:17+02:00Shoe Advisor|

La artesanía vinculada al calzado en Mallorca viene de antiguo, arranca en la Edad Media y llega hasta nuestros días. En MONGE, trabajamos mano a mano con artesanos de la isla que, con mucho mimo y dedicación, confeccionan cada uno de nuestros pares.

Why invest in a good pair of handmade shoes?

2017-05-04T11:03:18+02:00Shoe Advisor|

Below we set out four weighty reasons for buying quality handmade shoes. We are absolutely certain each reason is valid. 1. You are going to save money. Although this sounds like a paradox: you save by spending more on good shoes. Well-looked after they can last for almost ever. How often do you have to [...]

Don’t be afraid of suede my friend

2017-01-25T13:28:20+02:00Shoe Advisor|

Suede shoes are a must; they are extremely cool and give the wearer a balanced classy-casual touch. People are afraid of them because they think they get dirty easily, but suede leather is very robust and perfect for casual shoes. Unlike calfskin, suede does not scratch or scuff. Its worst enemy are greasy substances, but [...]

It’s Madison time!


  It’s Madison time! First of all we have to explain that this post is not about Monge Shoes team’s trip to the Madison Square Garden, though it wouldn’t be a bad plan at all, but we are referring to a dance from the 60’s that we have always loved. Always the past decades seem [...]

One more drink, please (Today… Campari Shakerato)


One of our favourite things here in MONGE shoes is alcohol. But please do not misread this statement, let explain us. We do not mean that we love to be drunk night and day, what we defend is the enjoyment of a good quality drink. From beer to cocktails, including champagne, liquors or cognac. We [...]


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