This new season you are going to dress starting from your shoes upwards.  Everybody knows the saying, but apart from its literal meaning, if we think twice about it, we realise that all of us have at some time (or many times) first chosen our shoes. When a good pair of shoes inspires our admiration, we invert the order in which we dress: no doubt we change our appearance completely based on our shoes. This is what happens when a pair of MONGE shoes comes first. And this new Autumn / Winter collection is sure to change round the order in which we dress every day. We are going to start feet upwards, as the shoes we wear will really win us over. Here are the reasons for the new collection Monge shoes:

1. All our collections are inspired by men from around us, men who are living their moment, enjoy their work and free time and specifically they realise the importance of taking good care of their look without being obsessed or following the trends. At MONGE we are inspired by real men, like you.

2. Our shoes of this new season still are one hundred per cent handcrafted in Mallorca, as it is our signature. You will be wearing only the best.

3. Our collection is elegant yet at the same time it is casual, taking in different types of shoe models suitable for different moments of the day: from classic Oxfords perfect for wearing to a work meeting (the Arthur model) or suede Derby’s for our more relaxing moments, and the boots for the weekend (the Chuck model) and  slippers for party time (the Paolo model). There are shoes for every man and every occasion.

4. Our shoes are characterised, as is already the hallmark of MONGE, by the careful selection of the leather and materials brought together in every shoe. The new Autumn / Winter 2014-15 collection has combined patent leather (on the Fitz model), high shine leather with suede (on the James model) or suede and leather (on the Serge model). But there are many more (you can see all the models in our online shop).

5. Our tones are perfect for your feet in winter. On our palette there are two leading colours: black and brown (the latter in several shades). In contrast there are the burgundy reds and the blue tones, which balance the severity of the prevailing tones.

6. The little details of our shoes. Apart from the classic leather soles, this collection presents natural crepe and natural latex soles, which protect your feet from the rain and cold.

Our Autumn / Winter collection is inspired by and for the real man, who is concerned in a relaxed way about his aspect. It is a collection for you. Can you resist it?