Our Craftsmanship

MONGE is based in Majorca, where leather work tradition dates from the Middle Ages. This heritage of centuries of craftsmanship combined with a contemporary design gives MONGE’s shoes its strong personality and timeless feel, through using the best materials and created with an international style perspective.

All MONGE’s shoes are handmade in this Mediterranean island, where several families have followed this tradition for generations. They care and show meticulous attention to detail over the production of every single pair, leaving the last (wooden mould) inside the shoe the correct amount of time to give it durability and creating an exceptional experience for the wearer.

One of these workshops is where MONGE’s shoes become real, using time-honoured shoemaking techniques and the best leathers and soles, following the tradition in leather work from Majorca but adding design to obtain a tasteful look for the “style conscious guys”.

The Company

MONGE is a brand from Majorca that represents a solid alternative in men’s footwear, thanks to its honest products that mix contemporary design and traditional manufacture. Over these pillars is built MONGE: a combination of the classic shoes spirit, with a modern twist and handcrafted quality.

Our brand was established in 2012, after years of experience in fashion and footwear development, as a challenge to produce the finest products based on Spanish craftsman know-how.

We are not obsessed with fashion trends or sales figures, our only motivation is to create designs that we and our friends would love to wear. This statement sums up our philosophy and our willingness for a new era in the high-end, made-in Majorca, shoes.