Christmas is just around the corner. We are already celebrating work dinners and then there will be the traditional Yule tide family get-togethers and meals. Every year the same question comes up: “And what should I wear, what will I look good in?”

Every festivity has its own character and dress code. Company dinners go from casual clothes that do not look too far out of place at work, to the more relaxed. That means if normally you wear a suit, it would not be wise to turn up at the dinner dressed in jeans and trainers. In contrast, for family meals you can go more casual, though every family and every home has its own customs. And for Christmas dinners it is normal to dress up more. If the table is decorated for Christmas with the China porcelain, the cut crystal glasses and the candles, you are going to be up to the occasion, aren’t you?

To help you with this demanding task of “what shall I put on?” we now offer a little guide. Of course, your shoes will be an important part of your look; they have to be in tune with the overall effect you choose.

1. Casual. This is the best for family and New Year meals. Once you have really shown your class at the Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinner, for lunch the next day you can ease off a little. However, casual does not mean scruffy, just that it is not strictly necessary to show up in a blazer. Go for some sharp trousers, or well-cared for jeans, or a turtle neck jumper (so in fashion this season) or a jumper good for the open fields look. Brilliantly shining leather shoes on your feet will go down a treat, like the Adolf (for the turtleneck jersey), or the double-buckle Monk type, such as the James, in combination with the country jersey.

2. Dressed up but casual. This may sound like a straight forward formula but at times it is tricky getting it right: it is not just putting on some jeans. You must have the feel for matching all the look. The best bet is to go for a suit. There are so many options, like black or grey, or navy blue, may be with a little motif if you are daring. The casual look can be introduced by a shirt without tie, nor bow tie, and a high neck jersey. A jersey with your suit jacket also works. These days are very cold and you must not feel the cold. For shoes, you can use straightforward Oxford shoes, like the Eduardos, or with a little colour like the Carlos model, or elegant Scott.


3. Well-groomed. This is the ideal style for Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners: in a suit or even in a tuxedo jacket, and why not? New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to dazzle with it. You can use a two piece or three piece suit, if you are the classic type. As for the tuxedo jacket, you can look stylish in one with lapels or something more cutting edge, if you want the party touch. The best footwear: a pair of patent leather Oxford shoes, or black suede Fitz, or buff-coloured slip ons, like Paolos.


And to round everything off, all that remains is to choose the best coat. A leather fur collar is perfect for these cold nights. That’s it: enjoy the festivities.