Getting into the skin of the well-known sleuth Sherlock Holmes on the TV screen brought world fame to Benedict Cumberbatch, but he’s also known for something more than his great work as an actor. And it’s not just that he has appeared in so many films that have been bringing in favourable comments over the last few years, he has also been hogging the pages of the fashion magazines thanks to his discerning taste and his keen sense of getting his look right.

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As a fine British man, when on the red carpet he prefers to stir away from taking chances and brings out his best with a classic English suit, although on many occasions he has shown that a relaxed, casual look, type jeans and sweatshirt, don’t look bad on him either.

Since he’s been starring as “Sherlock,” he has been aware how important it is to pay careful attention to little details and accessories, which speak volumes about the character one is bringing to life on the screen. Handkerchiefs and scarves complement his outfits, and as could not be any other way, he pays special attention to his shoes.

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As Gregory Peck, another icon of style and elegance, said in the film “To kill a mockingbird,” “you never really know a person until you’ve been in their shoes and walked with them!“ Fair enough, you‘ll never be able wear Cumberbatch’s shoes, but if you want come through winning like him, nothing beats a pair of calf leather and suede Oxford shoes, such as the Aldo, or let yourself be seduced by the subtle combination of Scottish Harris tweed and leather of the Ernesto, or if you are playing safe you can choose the Eduardo. Black never fails!