Monge are not just shoes. As their name makes clear, they are also a life style. We like things made by hand, by artisans, with taste, care and only accepting perfection in every detail. And the places we will go to in our Monge shoes are also like this. Do you want to join us? Today they are going to take us to “Patrón Lunares”. Where is it? In Mallorca, of course.

The soul of Monge is from Mallorca. We have our centre of operations, our artisans’ workshops, and our flagship shop on this Balearic Island. This is the reason when we think about where our Monge shoes could take us on a walk, the first place we would have to go to is in the heart of Mallorca. And as the island is open to the sea we will take you on a walk to Patrón Lunares. It is a traditional style canteen in Santa Catalina, seeped in the memory and atmosphere of this fishermen’s neighbourhood.

The name, Patrón Lunares, comes from an unpretentious and charismatic man, one of the foremost skippers of his times, who became part of his neighbourhood’s history. The canteen pays homage to this sea-faring man, and also to others like him. On the dining room walls there hang eight large portraits, some of them fellow fishermen, who personify the link between the past and the present. They are the symbols of how the old values remain the same, how one can build their present on a different vision of the world, their own way of understanding life.


And to keep this bond with the past, the canteen’s spirit has been conserved, as made real through the tiled bar, the old wood beams, the iron columns, the woodwork and the amazing chessboard style floor tiles. All of this adds up to bestow on it a unique personality.

The traditional artisan’s craft of Mallorca leaves its stamp on Patrón Lunares, bound up in the roots of the artisan’s spirit of Monge shoes. This comes over in the dining room’s decoration, characterised by the worn bench, the “llengos” curtain, the quality tableware, plates, and the handmade pots and pans, all over 200 years old. The eatery mixes these antique objects with tools for the sea, enhanced by dashes of red, blue and white.


Here lovers of good quality sea food will enjoy the variety of all the oceans. Moreover the chef conjures up dishes with local meat and ecologically grown vegetables. It is simple fare, to take pleasure from this down to earth style of cuisine. This commitment is reflected in the bar and the outstanding view through the window opening on the fish market. And if you want a dessert, there is an offer of the local and international cakes, pasties and bakery.


Patrón Lunares is a traditional canteen blended with a hint of today’s style so that the people of Santa Catalina and the rest of the Mallorquines, and the tourists who holiday there, can savour good cooking in a restaurant with charm and ambience. Let your Monge shoes take you to the best places.


Patrón Lunares: c/ de la Fábrica, 30. Santa Catalina. Palma de Mallorca.