One of our favourite things here in MONGE shoes is alcohol. But please do not misread this statement, let explain us. We do not mean that we love to be drunk night and day, what we defend is the enjoyment of a good quality drink. From beer to cocktails, including champagne, liquors or cognac. We bet for quality instead of quantity, although sometimes, some gatherings, etc., we can relax and have more than one… or two. There is nothing wrong with this!

We have notice lately the coming back of one of our favourite drinks: Campari. It is on magazines, tv ads and served on the coolest bars. We are really happy about this because that means that we can have it everywhere without looking like strange-old-style guys.

We are come from the North of Spain, where good manners include having a drink before lunchtime. In my childhood memories my father is happily drinking Campari together with his friends. I preferred “Bitter Kas” (a Spanish non-alcohol substitute) but as the years have passed I learnt enjoying this intense red beverage.

Just for the record, we do not know anybody at Campari, but just wanted to share the properties of one of our best-like drinks.

You can mix it with soda, orange juice or vodka. We show you or favourite:

Campari Shakerato

– Campari

– Dashes of lemon juice

– Crushed ice

– Lemon peel

Shake well over crushed ice in a shaker, strain into a chilled aperitif of cocktail glass, twist lemon peel over drink and drop into the glass and… enjoy it!