Autumn means rains, but the most enticing (in)activity is not to stay at home snuggled up on the sofa, under a blanket, a good book in your hands, so we are going to step out, not afraid to step in puddles. However, not just anyhow!


Let’s start with our coat. Not by chance are some of the best waterproofs in the world from countries where you may have to wait a bit for the sun to peek through, as is the case of Great Britain, the home of the ‘trench coat to beat all trench coats, the classic Burberry. Can you think of anything better for beating the rain?

When it comes to deciding on the shoes to round off your attire, you’ll have to go for leather shoes, like the Esteban.

Or you could also opt for some calf-skin boots, finished by hand, or to top of the bill there are the Merlin, or a model in black, like the Justus, perfect to match your umbrella, designed by Alexander McQueen, one of our favourites. As they say, put on a brave face when the sun does not shine!