Below we set out four weighty reasons for buying quality handmade shoes. We are absolutely certain each reason is valid.

1. You are going to save money.

Although this sounds like a paradox: you save by spending more on good shoes. Well-looked after they can last for almost ever. How often do you have to buy new shoes so that they look decent and go with your suit? If you add up what you spend each season in renovating your shoes you will see how the numbers work out in favour of handmade shoes. Moreover, there is a big difference between how handmade shoes gracefully age over time, and how the others do not. The former acquire their own personality. Good leather gets better every time the shoes are used, while normal shoes tend to become worn out by all the times they have been used. Remember that the cheapness of shoes becomes even more evident when you are wearing good clothes.

2. Your foot size does not change.

There are people who belong to this select and detestable group of humans who always keep the same weight and who can get on the scales feeling relaxed, while the rest of us are forced to buy clothes of a different size as we move through life. That is why a cashmere jumper is not just as good an investment as a good shoe. Once we are no longer teenagers, our feet stop growing and we remain for the rest of our lives with the same shoe size. If you go for classic Oxford or Derby shoes, you will be able to wear them when you are 25 years old, 40, or 65…

3. To impress.

Be it to impress a person special to you, your friends or simply because you are worth it, the sensation a good pair of shoes gives you is difficult to explain. But you could define it as a mixture of power and feeling handsome or beautiful. They give us a status which sets us apart from the other mortals. Good shoes never go unnoticed, even the person who least understands shoes has their curiosity aroused, and sometimes is envious, when someone wearing quality handmade shoes walks by. Never forget, you can judge a man just by looking at his feet.

4. To be a little happier.

Just as the wisdom of the people teaches us and Mr Monge reminds us, we can never forget there is nobody happier in this world than a child, or a person not so young, with new shoes.