Suede shoes are a must; they are extremely cool and give the wearer a balanced classy-casual touch.

People are afraid of them because they think they get dirty easily, but suede leather is very robust and perfect for casual shoes. Unlike calfskin, suede does not scratch or scuff.

Its worst enemy are greasy substances, but this is a common problem for most of leather kinds.

Suede is one of the few leathers that get better after using. So why not to buy a good pair?

All MONGE silky suede shoes are treated in our workshop before leaving in order to protect them from water and dust, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“. We are not saying that suede shoes do not get dirty after this process, but with occasional cleaning, good quality ones can last decades.

Here you have the 7 steps to clean your suede shoes and make them look perfect:

  1. Use a rubber if there are difficult spots. Yes, the same rubber that you used at school.
  2. Clean shoes with Saphir Omni Nettoyant or a Neutral PH shampoo. Dilute the shampoo in water. Then, using a soft brush, thoroughly shampoo the suede till you get a rich foam.
  3. Wash the shoe with warm water to remove shampoo. Rinse your brush and, using clean warm water, work the shoes over again removing the shampoo. You will remove additional dirt from the shoe.
  4. Pat the suede with a dry towel and leave the shoe to dry far-off direct sunlight.
  5. After the shoes are completely dry, firmly brush them with a hard-bristle suede brush in order to straighten or re-fluff the pile.
  6. Apply a suede spray protector.
  7. Apply final brushing after the shoe is dry with the hard-bristle suede brush. This will restore the original texture of the suede.

And the shoes are ready to hit the streets!