You can only agree with us that one of the greatest pleasures of staying in a hotel far from home is the breakfast. Waking up knowing that there is a table laid out for you full of all your food fancies you can enjoy at your ease. No need to look at your watch, or open your pending email in-tray… just the thought gets your taste buds going.


But if we are just going to limit the pleasure just to your breakfast, we won’t settle for less than the best. And it’s not only us saying the breakfast here is the best for the gastronomy gurus of Madrid Fusión have also said it. Where are the finest breakfasts to be found? It could not be any other way, in the same place where the best shoes come from: Mallorca.

Every morning the hotel Hospes Maricel offers a gastronomic experience hard to forget. it is not “à la carte” and it is not a buffet, and it can last for up to three hours. A complete world of textures and flavours which make this breakfast an unmissable experience if ever you travel to this island.


Among the host of food creations the Hospes Maricel serves up there are freshly prepared juices and shakes, sweet and savoury butters, a spectacular lemon cream, chocolates and meringues and a spongy fried egg with mushrooms and hazelnuts. And, of course, the classic Mallorcan ensaimadas. All in this privileged enclave by the Mediterranean. Be sure to make your booking!