Fashion does not only live only through icons. When it comes to style we also pay attention to film stars, who can be inspirational. This is the case of George, the character interpreted by Colin Firth in “A single man”, a film in which special care is taken in the choice of shoes.


The first move of the designer Tom Ford into cinema is on its own a guarantee that he would bring his unforgettable style. Even though the film could be improved in terms of the script (the voice in off becomes repetitive at times) and on a visual level it is over concerned about the effects rather than developing the story narrated in its own right (it seems more like a fashion film), the photography is lovingly cared for, and the wardrobe deserves a ten. Who would not want to open their wardrobe to find it full of perfectly ironed in-fashion garments, as the star does?

Set in Los Angeles in the sixties, the story is based on George (Colin Firth), a university professor who cannot get over the death of his couple, and move on with his normal life. He is an intellectual and also an aesthete, committed to his immaculate appearance. One of the film’s first scenes shows him starting his day as he carefully chooses his attire: “It takes time in the morning for me to become George, time to adjust to what is expected of George and how he is to behave. By the time I have dressed and put the final layer of polish on the now slightly stiff but quite perfect George I know fully what part I’m suppose to play.


Colin Firth en una escena junto a Jon Kortajarena

His look, a kind of uniform, is composed of a brand new shirt, an immaculate suit, top quality socks and glistening shoes. At the beginning of the film, when we behold the morning moment when he gets ready to be George, the camera gives us a close up of his shoes. They are well-polished black leather Oxfords, and could well be Eduardos. A special note is that George has crossed-laced them.


His style, perfectly matching today’s’ fashion is straightforward, but characteristic of a classic dressing and tending towards slim fit. To round off all this, he adds in a few details to give the last touches of elegance: the tie pin, the black pasta glasses, and of course the shoes. It is not complicated to draw on his look. In addition to black Oxfords, George would be suited down to the ground in Arturos, or why not some high shine leather shoes like Adrianos? Near the end of the film, when he has a more casual look, no blazer no tie, we see him wearing some moccasins without socks, like the Antonios. They are the just perfect cherry on the cake. These little things create a dash of elegance that truly defines a style.