Majorcan Shoe


Majorcan Shoe


This shoe is new but elder too. Because it is based on the traditional majorcan “porquera”. A humble shoe that was created in 1920’s.
In those years cars begin to arrive to the island and some clever shoe makers started using the tyres of the wheels as soles, when they were worn-out.
Thus, they created a comfortable and cheap shoe using waste materials. Clever people staying ahead of future environmental problems.
Here is our version that has a sole made from natural yute with a Vibram rubber protection for comfort and durability.
Grey calf leather and blue stripes shirt cotton fabric.
A relaxed shoe that is the epitome of Mallorca’s way of life.
Please chose one size smaller than your usual size. Last shape is generous.
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Additional information

  • Size
    35(UE) 2(UK) 4.5(US), 36(UE) 3(UK) 5.5(US), 37(UE) 4(UK) 6.5(US), 38(UE) 5(UK) 7.5(US), 39(UE) 6(UK) 8.5(US), 40(UE) 7(UK) 9.5(US), 41(UE) 8(UK) 10.5(US), 42(UE) 9(UK) 11.5(US)
  • Care and storage
    Leather and cotton PorquerasClean with a well-wrung cloth, previously moistened with water and a few drops of ammonia. Apply some uncoloured cream to hydrate the leather. If this is the case, the jute sole can also be cleaned with a cloth dampened in water and a few drops of ammonia, rubbing the surface gently. If the sole is made from tires, no need for care, they are unsakable.
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  2. Shipments and returns

    In the case of a return due to a size change, Monge Shoes will be responsible for the return and subsequent shipping. Contact us and we will give you the instructions to send your shoes back with UPS. Please be aware that we do not accept postage due shipments.

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