Mens loafers in beige or taupe leather. Moccasin welted construction. The leather covers the hole foot and is stitched over the upper. That gives flexibility and comfort besides its two pieces sole. The shoe is like a glove. Leather sole stitched to the upper with a rubber protection. Calf leather lining.

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Additional information

  • Talla / Size
    39(EU) 5(UK) 6(US), 39.5(EU) 5.5(UK) 6.5(US), 40(EU) 6(UK) 7(US), 40.5(EU) 6.5(UK) 7.5(US), 41(EU) 7(UK) 8(US), 41.5(EU) 7.5(UK) 8.5(US), 42 (EU) 8(UK) 9(US), 42.5 (EU) 8.5(UK) 9.5(US), 43 (UE) 9(UK) 10 (US), 44 (EU) 9.5(UK) 10.5(US), 44.5(EU) 10(UK) 11(US), 45(EU) 10.5(UK) 11.5(US), 45.5(EU) 11(UK) 12(US), 46(UE) 11.5(UK) 12.5(US), 47(UE) 13(UK) 14(US), 47 (EU) 12(UK) 13(US), 47.5(UE) 12.5(UK) 13.5(US), 47.5(UE) 13.5(UK) 15(US), 48(UE) 14(UK) 15(US)
  • Care and storage
    Suede shoesBrush vigorously to remove dust and surface dirt. After heavy use or persistent stains, the suede can be washed by applying soapy water with a brush over the entire surface of the shoe -avoiding the inside and sole-. Rinse the shoe with the same brush and clean water and dry it with a towel. Allow the leather to dry and brush vigorously again so that the characteristic "hair" of the suede comes out again.
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    In the case of a return due to a size change, Monge Shoes will be responsible for the return and subsequent shipping. Contact us and we will give you the instructions to send your shoes back with UPS. Please be aware that we do not accept postage due shipments.

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