When the scorching temperatures arrive, and in some places, like Majorca, we know what we are talking about, few can resist the temptation to put on shorts.

Unfortunately this style is linked with the flip-flop”, an invention appropriate for beach ambiences, but nowhere else, and people abuse it in the summer period. In my humble opinion, going around town in them is uncomfortable and not very hygienic. But we are not going to get into a debate on ascetics and practicality about this here and now.

Wearing shorts does not have to mean being scruffy or giving the impression that you have just got up after the siesta and have thrown on the first thing you found lying around.

Moccasins are an ideal option for that casual look, with so many different types available on the market: the classic “pennyloafer” or other summer footwear, with tassels, leather soles or rubber soles, etc.

And there is no reason why you cannot wear lace-up shoes with shorts, provided that they are not too bulky, or too “for dress occasions”. This option gives you a style a little more formal, compared to the last one.

However, what we must warn against is wearing any type of boots, unless of course one wants to look like Crocodile Dundee.