Moccasins are one of our favourites among shoe family tree.  This post explains why and also how to identify them from fake ones, because not everyone is capable of making good moccasins.

A moccasin is recognised by the stitch in the upper, but is not proof that this is so. To be a true moccasin it has to be a wrapped around construction where the leather goes all the way around like a glove. So if you are wearing a moccasin now, take your foot out and if you can remove the insole, see if the leather under your foot is the same leather as the rest of the shoe. If yes, you are wearing a real moccasin.


Construction is vital in shoe world. It implies that one shoe is light or heavy, soft or stiff, so is decisive to know how shoes are made if you want to know about performance and quality.

The moccasin is well thought-out to be the oldest shoe construction and the genuine is made with a particular wrap around construction. It is made up of a single layer section of leather, which shapes the insole, vamp and quarters. The leather is moulded upwards from the under outer layer of the last. Then an apron is sewed to the assembled edges of the vamp and the sole is stitched to the base of the shoe. Sometimes outsoles are just glued (cause is cheaper and faster). Fake moccasins have a visual look of a moccasin but does not have the wraparound construction of the genuine ones.

The moccasin lends itself to the time honoured art of handmade shoe making. It is a complex construction method that takes master-craftsmen several years of practice to acquire the necessary skills to perfect it.

Mallorca workshops are well-known for its know how and expertise in moccasin production. We make them entirely by hand at our workshop and they are extremely soft, light and flexible, perfect to wear with bare feet during summer.

Moccasins are a clever option for those who wish for things made with excellence, commitment and expertise. A quality pair will adapt to the foot, which not only give comfort and flexibility but also confer a pleasant tailored feel.

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The moccasin is believed to be one of the first shoe, but it still remains a cool choice nowadays. Historically, it was the common footwear of North America’s natives.

The word Moccasin comes from different North American tribes. The word makasin means shoe for the Powhatan, a native American tribe in Virginia. And similar words were also used for the different tribes.

As climate is not the same in North America the moccasins were also different. Some needed a harder sole, to protect against rocks, or cold.


PROS: The most outstanding advantage is the flexibility, lightness and adaptation to the foot. They are fresh and comfortable like a glove.

Is the perfect shoe for people who appreciate authenticity and casual style.

CONS: Real moccasin manufacturing is a very labor-intensive technique that requires a great deal of expertise from the craftsman.

Is not the best shoe for rainy or snowy weather.


You can watch a quick video that we made where we show and explain everything in this post: