If you have already acquired a pair of Monge shoes and now you want to know how to best take care of them, so that they as perfect as their first day, take down this advice. You’ll keep them looking as if they were new.

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The first thing we must bear in mind is that the shoe leather is a natural product, and therefore before anything else it is vital to get rid of the dust and carefully clean them with a damp cloth. Afterwards let them dry out at room temperature. They should never be exposed to sources of direct heat.

The next step is to nourish the leather using a neutral cream conditioner. We should apply it with a sponge or soft cloth. Once they are dry, give them the shine you want, buffing them up for a few seconds with a clean brush (use a unique brush for any every different shoe colour).

Finally, of course, you should always put them away correctly, fitting shoe horns so that they keep their shape and the leather does not become wrinkled or creased. If you follow this routine every fortnight at least, you are sure to have great looking shoes for years. Long live your Monge Shoes!