Although oyster shells may be a mystery par excellence to you and many others, in the following steps you are going to see how you and everyone can become an oyster opening expert.





Although Mallorca is surrounded by a beautiful sea, there are no oysters. The men and women on the island do not only live from shoes alone, so at Monge more than one of us takes every opportunity to make a quick get-away to Galicia or Brittany in France to have a little feast.

Before going further, one must know that when it comes to buying oysters, it’s best to go to a shop you are sure you can trust. The second factor decisive on your enjoyment is that the quality of the oyster is directly related to the amount of time it has been out of the water: the longer it has been out, the less fresh it is. So it is always worthwhile to take this into consideration.


What you need:

  • An oyster opening knife
  • A small tea towel
  • Gloves
  • Crushed ice



  1. Clean the oysters under running tap water. if you are not going to consume them straight afterwards, they can be kept in the fridge wrapped in a damp cloth and ice cubes.
  1. Put your gloves on and then wrap the oyster’s mouth downwards, with the flat part pointing upwards.
  1. Introduce the knife in to the hinge of the Shell, and once it is in, turn it slightly to open it. Then continue running the knife along the edge of the Shell. Cut the adductor muscle and prize off the upper Shell. In this way we leave the oyster intact and conserve most of the liquor (yes, this is the real word) around the oyster.
  1. Serve the oysters on a tray of crushed ice.


And finally, be sure not to leave any trace of the oyster shell. It could spoil the bliss of eating them and savoring this wonderful flavor.