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How to lace up your dress shoes. (Surely you’re not doing it right)

In this post, video included, we show you how to lace up your dress shoes correctly.

Something that, although could seem simple, will affect comfort and also shoes durability.

Doing properly denotes that we pay attention to details. And these small gestures are what make the difference and turns you into a true cool guy.



Here are 3 lacing methods, so you can choose the one that best suits the shoe you wear.

1. We start with the STRAIGHT-UP METHOD:

It is the classic shoe method by definition. Perfect for Oxford shoes. If you look at the instep, the laces can only be seen on the outside, the tongue is clean and without crossings underneath. It is the most elegant way to lace up your classic shoes.

In the video you can see how to do it, step by step. And here below, an image where you will see it easily.


2. We also have the CROSSED METHOD

This system adjusts the instep a little better than the previous system, but it is not as clean. If the shoe is opened too much in the instep (because of high instep or wide foot) you will see the laces crossed underneath.


3. And last but no least, the CROSSED METHOD, for Derby shoes.

It shows how the laces are crossed on the outside and shoes a more original lacing. Crossed on the outside and with the knot and lacing hidden between the tongue and the instep.

Perfect for casual footwear.



As for the most popular knots:

1. The common knot (which you all know)

The knot is not very tight and will come loose when walking. So you will have to make a double knot with the lacing. In order for it to hold, we will tighten it too much and then it will be difficult for us to untie it.

It is not the most recommended knot.


2. The Paris knot

More practical and very simple.

It is the same as the common knot but when we make the first lace, when passing the other side of the lace we wrap it twice.

In this way the knot will be much more durable and less bulky. More elegant than the previous one.

3. And finally the Berluti knot.

To make it, we first tie a common knot and make a ear with each side. We cross one ear over the other and we take the ear and the lace on the same side and we introduce everything through the hole that we have formed with the crossing of the two loops.

Then we do the same with the ear and the lace on the other side.

Now we adjust well by pulling the ears so that the knot is well secured. A lasting knot that at the same time is easily untied by pulling on the ends.


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