Basic shoe cleaning

All you need to know to get a gleam on your shoes with a simple shine.  

If you have just splashed out on a pair of shoes – you wanted to treat yourself – you will want to take good care of them. We now offer some basic tips on how you can keep them shining like new.

1. Before doing anything else, give them a brush over with a soft brush to get rid of all dust. You don’t want to create a muddy mix when you put the shoe polish on.

2. The only products you need for basic shoe care are a can of black shoe polish, for black shoes, or neutral or colorless polish for other shoes. What we are going to do is nourish the leather, not dye it.

3. Use a cloth or an old cotton shirt to put the polish on.

4. Once the polish is dry, buff the shoes up with all your might for a few seconds.

It is as easy as that. But if you think that is hard work and want to give them a last minute shine up, always keep a sponge waxed in shoe polish at hand. You can buy them in supermarkets and they are great for a quick shine!