This year autumn made itself felt in our lives suddenly a few days ago and now you find yourself taking your coats and warm jackets out from the wardrobe. The latest trends for the new season are a must-go with a pair of Monge shoes: they are perfect. Let’s take a look.

It seemed autumn was never going to arrive because summer stayed with us longer than usual (maybe that is why we could call it the “summtum”), but now it is here with all its force. And what we had left for another day because it had not been cold is now demanding immediate action: change our wardrobe. As well as bringing back some garments from last winter, this season arrives with classic and iconic articles, here to stay. We have picked out some winners from our closet for this autumn. Let’s look at some ideas as to which Monge shoes match these garments perfectly.

Your sweatshirt. This garment is reserved for your most casual moments, for going to the gym or to save you having to think on a Saturday when you feel lazy about going to the supermarket. The sweatshirt is that top hidden away at the back of the cupboard; yet it looks good with anything, even trousers with a line and some Derbies, like the Serge.

Your double buttoned blazer. To bring out all its expression, it should have pinstripes. You can wear it with a suit, or matching trousers; it is great with your footwear. All is down to style. However if you like to be daring, try classic brogues in various colours and textures, like the Ernestos.

The biker look, and it does not have just to be in black. Go for colours in leather, like for example forest green, and to add a little brat-pack feel to your look mix in a dash of colour that breaks with those bleak winter tones. There are shoes that are the perfect match for a biker jacket, though never forget about your style of trousers. Round shoes speak volumes about your attitude, like the brilliant shine leather Adolfs.

The maxi coat can be worn with a sweatshirt, jeans or trousers with pleats, because a good coat matches everything. Just as it blends with any jacket, it is also perfect for your favourite footwear, like your Monges. You want to go for that winner look? A maxi coat with wide lapels, polo neck jersey (also in fashion this season), pleated trousers and Robertos or Chuck boots.

And pleated ankle length trousers. Going for a classic is a sure winner. And even better in a fabric for winter like tweed. Give something special to the look of the rest of your attire, so you never are monotonous. The final touch has to be your shoes, like for example the double-buckled James model, or some Antonio moccasins.

Now with these examples there can be no excuse for not dressing to catch the eye, getting the best out of your Monge shoes.