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Sneakers abuse is bad for your feet… and also for your style.


Sneakers, sports shoes or whatever you want to call them, they are omnipresent wherever you go. You just have to hang around and look at feet of passersby to confirm it. Young people, and not as old, wear them thinking they look great and super stylish, at best, combining them with expensive signature garments that [...]

Do you know what a wholecut shoe is?

2022-02-04T16:19:19+02:00Cuidado del calzado, Shoe Advisor|

Recognizable due to their sleek and polish look, wholecut shoes spread pure elegance through their clean lines and perfect surface. Basically, they’re oxfords made from one single piece of leather, because they have a closed-throat lacing system too. Most dress shoes have multiple pieces sewn together. In wholecut shoes, there are no added pieces – no vamps or [...]


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